am i a loser or just officially a grown up? all alone on my birthday for the first time ever- life goes on!


Alex Honnold’s home. At some point in my life I want to live in a van like this and travel around running.

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so cool

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you make death so beautiful

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her art is my favourite

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give me this room.

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Nothing says “solid workout” like calluses and stinging hands an hour after its over.


 Photo: Emerald Ash Borer’s Path of Destruction

This week’s Big Picture is a file photo from June 22, 2011 that shows tracks from emerald ash borers left in a black ash tree outside the Riveredge Nature Center in Newburg, Wisconsin.
North Dakota officials are trying to raise awareness of the emerald ash borer and prevent its spread into the state, which has about 78 million ash trees. Foresters in 30 cities and state parks will be tying ribbons along with informational fliers to publicly owned ash trees.

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Oh Canada <3

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